Index Of Kin
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This is the public section, of which the data of the living individuals is private. Family members can go to the private family SECURE AREA to view the date of births of the individuals.
Ancestors and Relatives
o  Abney (4 Individuals)
                MaleBrian Abney (b. 2002)  
_GP_ Web Page
                MaleDavis Ryan Abney (b. 1996)   _GP_ Web Page
                MaleJacob Allen Abney (b. 1993)   _GP_ Web Page
                MaleJimmy B Abney   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Akins (1 Individual)
                  MaleHenry Akins  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Alaga  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleCatherine Alaga (Holdman) _GP_ Web Page
Alexander (2 Individuals)
Male James C Alexander  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Male Alexander   _GP_ Web Page        
          o  Alrey (1 Individual)
                 MaleJames Alrey  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Ames (2 Individuals)
MaleJohn Evan Ames   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSandra Maureen Ames (b. 1931)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Anderson  (1 Individual)
FemaleMary Jane Anderson   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Anthony (5 Individuals)
                  MaleJohn Allen Anthony   
    _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLonnie Bryan Anthony   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLonnie Bryan Anthony III   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLonny B Anthony   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarsha Anthony   _GP_ Web Page
          o   Atkins  (1 Individual)  
                  FemaleEmma Katherine Atkins  
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          o  Atkinson  (2 Individual)
                  FemaleClara Atkinson (b. 1924) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJo Ann Atkinsin  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Avilia  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMichelle Avilia  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Ayers  (2 Individual)
                  MaleWilliam H Ayers _GP_ Web Page
MaleZachary Thomas Ayers (b. 1980)   _GP_ Web Page
    *  B
o  Bain  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleBrooke Bain (b. 2001)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCarter Scott Bain (b. 1997)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMacKenzie Bain (b. 1999)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMadison Bain (b. 1999)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleScott Christopher Bain (b. 1971) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Baker  (7 Individuals)
                  MaleAnderson Jessee Baker  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Baker  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Male James M Baker   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Michael Baker   _GP_ Web Page
MaleJoseph Jessee Baker (b. 1918)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRose Sheeran Baker (b. 1968)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSarah Jane Baker (Ivey) (b. 1964) _GP_ Web Page
o  Banks  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMyrtle Banks (Dolan)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Barndt  (1 Individual)
                  MaleRichard S Barndt  
_GP_ Web Page
         o  Barton (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleElizabeth Ann Barton (b. 1951)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Thomas Barton (b. 1954)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Virginia Barton (b. 1958)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Charles Barton (b. 1959)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWalter S Barton   _GP_ Web Page
o  Beck  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleFlorence Beck  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Bentz (4 Individuals)
                  MaleJulian Wilfred Bentz Jr  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Clay Bentz   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleTerri Bentz   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWill Bentz   _GP_ Web Page
o Bering (14 Individuals)
                  Female Carol Marie Bering (b. 1954)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Eileen Bering (b. 1950)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Lawrence Bering (b. 1919)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Lawrence Bering (b. 1947)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavid Alan Bering (b. 1956)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLou Anne Bering (b. 1948)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLouise Bering (b. 1922)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Ann Bering (b. 1956)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ann Bering (b. 1917)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Stephen Bering (b. 1951)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel Eugene Bering III (b. 1951)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel Eugene Bering II   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel Eugene Bering (b. 1879)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSusan Elizabeth Bering (b. 1954)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Biddele (1 Individual)
                  MaleW E Biddle  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Bierman (3 Individuals)  
                   FemaleLinda Ann Bierman  
_GP_ Web Page
                   MaleRichard Lavelle Bierman   _GP_ Web Page
                   FemaleWanda Lee Bierman   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Black  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleDorthy Bernice Black (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Blackwell  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleRosallie Blanche Blackwell (Ivey) (b. 1927) _GP_ * Web Page
o  Blanco (4 Individuals)
                  MaleChristopher Alan Blanco (b. 1980)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDenise Blanco   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleGregory Blanco   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSean Blanco (b, 1978)   _GP_ Web Page
         o  Bloomer (3 Individuals)
                  MaleArthur Myron Bloomer  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleBetty Jean Bloomer (b. 1929)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Arthur Bloomer (b. 1927)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Boggs (3 Individuals)
                  MaleBrian Boggs  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFred Boggs   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Bradley Boggs   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Bohar (1 Individual)  
                  Male Emil Bohar (b. 1925)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Bolduc  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleGeraldine Louise Bolduc (b. 1950)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Boone ( 1 Individual)
                  MaleDaniel R Boone  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Braden (1 Individual)
                  MaleRose Ann Braden  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Brennan  (9 Individual)
                  FemaleElizabeth Brennan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleInez Brennan   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohnnye Brennan   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMichele Ann Brennan   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNeilly Brennan   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick (Mark) Brennan Sr.   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Mark Brennan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePauline Brennan   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePeter Toombs Brennan (b. 1921)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Brister (1 Individual)
                  MaleDaniel Jasper Brister (b. 1839)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Brown  (1 Individual)
FemaleLorena Elizabeth Catherine Brown (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
o  Burns  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleAlice Burns (Chivers) _GP_ Web Page
o  Burris (1 Individual)
                  MaleTravis Burris  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Bustamante  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleRanae Bustamante _GP_ Web Page
o  Butcher (1 Individual)
                  FemaleNora Elizabeth Butcher (Fox)(b. 1921) 
_GP_ Web Page
*  C
o  Campbell (2 Individuals)
MalePat Campbell   _GP_ Web Page
_GP_ Web Page
o  Carey (2 Individuals)
                  FemaleCora Chandler Carey  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleIda Beryl Carey   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Carr  (1 Individual)
William Carr (b. 1914)   _GP_ Web Page
o Carrington (1 Individual)
                 FemaleHelen Carrington  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Carroll  (1 Individual)
                 FemaleAubry Ray Carroll   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Carter  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleAlissa Carter (b. 1981) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Arnold Carter _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Russell Carter (b. 1984)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCherie Ann Carter (b. 1978) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Joyce Carter (Ivey) (b. 1935) _GP_ * Web Page
o  Cashion  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleCatlin Marie Cashion (b. 1986) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleColter Lee Cashion (b. 1987) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames H Cashion (b. 1963) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Marshall Cashion (b. 1990) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMason Hershel Cashion (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
o  Castro (1 Indivudal)
                  FemaleYolanda Castro  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Cate (2 Individuals)
                  MaleBruce Cate  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleHillary Cate (b. 1970)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Chambliss (1 Individual)                
                  FemaleMary Ann Chambliss (Fox)(b. 1840)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Cheshire (5 Individuals)
                  Male Chad Cheshire (b. 1988)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Male Chase Cheshire (b. 1986)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Female Chelsea Cheshire (b. 1990)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Cory Michael Cheshire (b. 1984)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Dean Cheshire    _GP_ Web Page
          o  Chivers  (6 Individuals)
                  MaleAlgernon Lee Chivers II (b. 1921) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAlgernon Lee Chivers _GP_ Web Page
FemaleEthel Francis Chivers (Zeba) (b. 1919) _GP_ Web Page
MaleJames Franklin Chivers (b. 1927) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleRose Mary Chivers (Rigall) (b. 1918) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Sidney Chivers (b. 1923) _GP_ Web Page
o  Clark  (6 Individuals)
                  MaleArtesa Clark (b. 1894)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDaughter Clark 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavid Clark   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMarshall Nolan Clark  _GP_  Web Page
                  FemaleMollie Clark   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSon Clark   _GP_ Web Page
o  Cobie  (1Individual)
                  Male Roy Cobie  
_GP_  Web Page
          o  Collins  (5 Individuals)
                  MaleBlake Anthony Collins (b. 1996) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBrandon Tyler Collins (b. 1995) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Brandon Collins (b. 1972) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKamryn Danielle Collins (b. 2000) _GP_ Web Page
_GP_ Web Page
o  Convacor (1 Individual)
                  FemaleLourdes Convacor  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Cook (2 Individuals)
FemaleGlayden Cook   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRichard D Cook  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Cooper (1 Individual)
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Coppenger  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleDortothy Mary Coppenger (Ivey) _GP_ * Web Page
o  Coquat  (1 individual)
                  MaleJoe Coquat  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Cotton (1 Individual)
                 Male Cotton

          o  Coward  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleJessie Coward  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Craft  (2 Individuals)
                  FemaleChristine Craft (b. 1928)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJesse Clegg Craft  _GP_ Web Page
          o  Crumpler (1 Individual)
                 MaleKenneth Crumpler  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Cummens (1 Individual)
      FemaleAnn Cummens   _GP_ Web Page
      *  D
o  Daniels (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMary Lou Daniels (b. 1836)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Daughett  (1 Individual)
_GP_ Web Page
          o  del Angel  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleAna Isabel del Angel (Ivey) _GP_ Web Page
o  Delie  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleKathryn Delie  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Denner (1 Individual)
Female Mollie Adams Denner (b. 1985)
          o  Dolan  (88 Individuals)
                  FemaleAdeline Celestine Dolan (b. 1923) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAdeline Gertrude Dolan (b. 1911) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAlonzo James Dolan (b. 1931) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCarrol Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCecilia Anthonette Dolan (b. 1915) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCecilia Ellen Dolan (b. 1925) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCecillia Adeal Dolan (Chivers) (b. 1896) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCeclila Dolan (Martin) (b. 1876) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Joseph Dolan (b. 1924) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Regan Dolan (b. 1898) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleChild Dolan _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDaniel Davitt Dolan (b. 1884) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavid Henry Dolan (b. 1880) _GP_ Web Page
Male David Odem Dolan (b. 1923) _GP_ Web Pagee
                  MaleEdward Emmet Dolan (b. 1880) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEdward McGloin Dolan (b. 1891) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth E Dolan (b. 1874) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Ellen Dolan (b. 1902) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen Cecilia Dolan (b. 1926)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen (Nellie) Ethel Dolan (McKinney) (b. 1886) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen (Nell) Ethyl Dolan (Clark) (b. 1918) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEugene (Gene) Raphael Dolan (b. 1882) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEva Dolan (b. 1886) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrank B Edward Dolan (b. 1906) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleGeorge Delmar Dolan (b. 1921) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHarry Timon Dolan _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHubert Lambert Dolan (b. 1888) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHubert Lambert Dolan (b. 1915) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleInfant Dolan (b. 1923) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames (Jim) Dolan II (b. 1835) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Dolan (b. 1866) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Dolan (1802)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleJames Adam Dolan    _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Andrew Dolan (b. 1867) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Andrew Dolan (b. 1900) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Andrew Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Michael Dolan (b. 1873) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Edward Dolan (b. 1878) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn (Emmett) Henry Dolan (b. 1920) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn (Emmett) Henry Dolan (b. 1982)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Joseph Dolan (b. 1875) _GP_ Web Page
John Odem Dolan (b. 1845) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Patrick Dolan (b. 1948) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Thomas Dolan (b. 1928) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKate Dolan (McAdams) (b. 1881) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLeesa Ann Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLillian Dolan   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLisa Janette Dolan (b. 1979)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLurline Claudella Dolan (b. 1928) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLyla Adeline Dolan (b. 1904) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Ellen Dolan (Lewis) (b. 1831) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Mary Dolan (b. 1926) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Mary Dolan (Ames)(b. 1949) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarguerite Cecilia Dolan (b. 1917) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarie Ellen Elizabeth Dolan (Ivey) (b. 1894) _GP_ * Web Page
                  FemaleMarsha Lynn Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Agusta Dolan (b. 1844) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Edna Dolan (b. 1914) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ellen Dolan (b. 1868) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ethel Dolan (b. 1916) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Dolan (b. 1830) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael O'Hara Dolan (b. 1871) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael O'Hara Dolan II (b. 1907) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael O'Hara Dolan (b. 1920) _GP_ Web Page
Male Michael Odem Dolan (b. 1919) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMollie O'Brien Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNellie Myrtle Dolan (b. 1913) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Dolan (b. 1837) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick (Pat) Cecil Dolan (b. 1935) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Harold Dolan (b. 1917) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Henry Dolan (b. 1878) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePeter Dolan (b. 1846) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePhillip Lee Dolan (b. 1888) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePhilomena Lorena Dolan (b. 1931) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRichard Manley Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRose Ann Dolan (b. 1934)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRose Emma Dolan (b. 1908) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRose Mary Dolan (b. 1930) 

                  FemaleSherry Lou Dolan  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleStaci Nicole Dolan (b. 1981)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Dolan (b. 1939) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas (Tom) Patrick Dolan (b. 1869) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Patrick Dolan II (b. 1913) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleVernon Clifford Dolan (b. 1925) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleVinnie Ester Dolan _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Bartholomew Dolan (b. 1920) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam (Willie) Francis Dolan (b. 1882) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleWillie Mae Dolan (b. 1926) 
_GP_ Web Page
o  Duke (2 Individuals)
                  MaleCharles Duke 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLyla Duke  _GP_ Web Page
o  Dunn (1 Individual)
                  FemaleLillian Dunn (b.1922)  
_GP_ Web Page
         o  Duty  (1 Individual)
                   FemaleHeidi Duty (Sims)
_GP_ * Web Page
          o  Dwyer  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleJoanne Mary Dwyer (Ivey) (b. 1939) _GP_ * Web Page
    *  E
          o  Eaton  (1 Individual)
                  MaleRiley Edwin Eaton 
_GP_ Web Page
o  Elliott (2 Individuals)
                  MaleFred Elliot 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRichard Elliot  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Emmert (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMary Agnes Emmert (b.1913)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Enochs (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMary Ann Enochs  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Eppright (1 Individual)
                  FemaleNannie Belle Eppright (b. 1905)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Epstein (4 Individuals)
                   FemaleKaitlyn Epstein  
_GP_ Web Page
                   MalePaul Epstein   _GP_ Web Page
                   FemaleSavannah Epstein   _GP_ Web Page
                   FemaleTennyson Epstein   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Erb (1 Individual)
                  MaleMichael Erb (b. 1981)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Escamilla (1 Individual)
Angela M Escamilla (b. 1935)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Etter  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleViki Lynn Etter (Ivey) _GP_ Web Page
MaleZalynd Alexander Evola (b. 2007)   _GP_ Web Page
    *  F
o  Ferrell (3 Individuals)
                  FemaleCora Bell Ferrell (b. 1896)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary F Ferrell (b. 1984)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Bynum Ferrell  _GP_ Web Page
          o  Ferris  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMay Bell Ferris (b. 1844)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Finch  (1 Individual) 
                  FemaleKristina Danelle Finch (Ivey) (b. 1968) _GP_ Web Page
o  Fitzpatrick  (1 Individual)
                  MaleJohn E Fitzpatrick (b. 1844)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Fordham (1 Individual)
John P Fordham     _GP_ Web Page
          o  Foster (10 Individuals)
                  FemaleAnna Belle Foster (b. 1892)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDora Foster (b. 1883)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Foster (b. 1900)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHarry Foster  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Joseph Foster (b. 1890)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJosephine Foster   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary C Foster (b.1885)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSusan Harriet Foster (b. 1887)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Foster  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Darby Foster  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Fox  (65 Individual)
                  FemaleAdeline Fox (b. 1881) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAgnes Fox (b. 1890)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnna Jean Fox 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnnie Fox (Kennedy)(b. 1896)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnnie E Fox (Sexton)(b. 1847)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleBetty Susan Fox (Winn)(b. 1945) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleBridget Fox (b. 1893)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleBridget Elizabeth Fox (McMurrary)(b. 1813)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBryan Fox 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Fox (Haley)(b. 1849)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Fox (Campbell)(b. 1851)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Ann Fox (Johnson)(b. 1858)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDaniel Boone Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDarby Fox (b.1804)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDarby Daniel Fox (b. 1888)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDarby Francis Fox (b. 1854)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDoris Fox (Markam) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDorothy Fox (Mapes)(b, 1863)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Jane Fox (Foster)(b. 1861)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen Fox (b. 1844)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis Fox (b. 1796)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFred Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleInfant Fox (b.1875)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Fox (b.1849)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Ervis Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJerome Fox (b. 1886)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJerome Darby Fox (b. 1925) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Fox (b. 1756)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Fox (b. 1817)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Fox (b. 1848)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn E Fox (b. 1899)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Francis Fox 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Joseph Fox (b. 1853)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohnnie Fox (b. 1836)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLon Fox (b. 1902)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLouis Sylvester Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLucy Fox (b. 1877)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMac Troy Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Peggy Fox (McGinnis)(b. 1807)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMartha Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Fox (b.1842)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Fox (Biddle) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ann Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary (Nellie) Ellen Fox (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary J Fox (b. 1856) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMatthew Fox (b. 1884)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Fox (b. 1778)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Fox II (b. 1811)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Fox III (b. 1827)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOscar Allen Fox 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MalePat Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Fox (b. 1821)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Fox (b. 1859)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Fox (b. 1879)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Alonzo Fox (b. 1916)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePolly Mary Fox (Sheeran)(b. 1815)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRaymond Elton Fox (b. 1924)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Lee Fox  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Patrick Fox (b. 1947) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleVelera Loraine Fox (Pruser)(b. 1912) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWillard Claude Fox  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Henry Fox  _GP_ Web Page
         o  Frazier (2 Individuals)
                  MaleJames Raymond Frazier (b. 1905)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRonald D Frazier   _GP_ Web Page
o  Frisby  (1 Individual)
                  MaleDoug Arnold Frisby  
_GP_ Web Page
    *  G
o  Gallagher  (49 Individuals)
                  FemaleAdeline Gertrude Gallagher (b. 1862)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlice Gallagher (Fox)(b. 1827)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlice Gallagher (b. 1864)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAmelia Gallagher (b. 1867)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAndrew James Gallagher (b. 1877)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnnie Gallagher (Fox)(b. 1820)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBernard B Gallagher (b. 1896)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBernard Brian Gallagher (b. 1829)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBernard Brian Gallagher Jr (b. 1869)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBrian C Gallagher II (b. 1905)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Gallagher (Fox)(b. 1813)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Coke Gallagher (b. 1874)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEdmund Gallagher (b. 1893)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Gallagher (b. 1871)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleErnest Lee Gallagher (b. 1899)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEtta Elizabeth Gallagher (b. 1902)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEva Gallagher (b. 1896)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleFairy Adams Gallagher   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleFrances Gallagher (b. 1874)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleFrancis I Gallagher (b. 1905)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFred Francis Gallagher (b. 1887)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleHart Gallagher  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleIrene Christine Gallagher (b. 1901)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Gallagher II  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn J Gallagher (b. 1873)   _GP_ Web Page
John William Gallagher (b. 1857)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatherine Angelina Gallagher (b. 1859)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatherine Lee Gallagher _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKay Gallagher  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLaura Myrtle Gallagher (b. 1898)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLee Mitchell Gallagher (b. 1927)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Gallagher (b. 1860)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Gallagher (b.1869)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Gallagher  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret E Gallagher (b. 1906)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Ellen Gallagher (Lewis) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Frances Gallagher  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ann Gallagher (b.1870)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ellen Gallagher (Sheeran)(b. 1856)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Jo Gallagher (b. ~1924)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMoris Carey Gallagher  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNora Gallagher  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNorma Ann Gallagher   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOwen J Gallagher (b. 1878)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert John Gallagher (b. 1861)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert John Gallagher Jr (b. 1909)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSally Lewis Gallagher   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Gallagher (b. 1839)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Patrick Gallagher (b. 1876)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Gallegos (1 Individual)
                  Female Doris Gallegos  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Gerhard (10 Individuals)
                  MaleAllen Gerhard (b. 1876)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmily Josephine Gehard (Sheeran)(b. 1857)    _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleGeorge Gerhard (b. 1875)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoseph Gerhard (b. 1866) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLawrence Gerhard  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMaggie Gerhard (b. 1869)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Gerhard (b. 1879)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMatheis Gerhard (b. 1872)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMatthew Gerhard (b. 1820)   _GP_ Web Page
William Gerhard(b. 1871)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Gibbons (1 Individual)
                 FemaleBillye Gibbons  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Gibbs (2 Individuals)                
                 FemaleAmber Rose Gibbs   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleGibbs   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Gilbreath  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleCarolyn Dawn Gilbreath (Ivey) _GP_ Web Page
o  Gillman  (1 Individual)
                  FemalePatricia Lynn Gillman _GP_ Web Page
o  Glaser  (3 Individuals)
                  MaleJames Jeffery Glaser (b. 1965)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames R Glaser (b. 1964) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKaren June Glaser  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Goforth   (1 Individual)
                  FemaleEdith Goforth  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Goines (1 Individual)
                  FemaleBethany Goines (b. 1981) 
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Gonzalez (1 Individual)
                   FemaleEloise Gonzalez  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Goodwin (28 Individuals)
                  FemaleAngeline (Angie) Cecilia Goodwin (James)(b. 1890)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleBridget Ann Goodwin (b. 1939)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavid (Dave) Edward Goodwin (b. 1885)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Female Elizabeth A Goodwin (Brennan)(b. 1881)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmma Maxine Goodwin (b. 1918)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEugene Garrod Goodwin (b. 1898)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis Chapelle Goodwin (b. 1899)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis Fitzhugh Goodwin (b. 1939)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Female Genevieve Goodwin (b. 1914)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHenry Guilford Goodwin  (b. 1896)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHenry Guilford Goodwin (b. 1921)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Claiborn Goodwin (b. 1925)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Francis Goodwin (b. 1862)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames (Jim) Francis Goodwin (b. 1887)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Francis Goodwin (b. 1937)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJo Ann Goodwin   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKathleen Rachel Goodwin (b. 1943)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Mary Goodwin (b. 1927)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret (Maggie) Veronica Goodwin (Pugh)(b. 1884)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary (Maymie) Ann Goodwin (b. 1893)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ann Goodwin (b. 1916)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Joyce Goodwin (b. 1931)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePatricia Ann Goodwin (b. 1933)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePeter Toombs Goodwin (b. 1888)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male Simeon Wise Goodwin Sr (b. 1902)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSimeon Wise Goodwin Jr  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Charles Goodwin (b. 1941)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleWinifred Cecilla Goodwin (b. 1929)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Gordon (1 Individual)
                  Female Sally Magdalina Gordon (Ivey) 
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Goynes  (40 Individuals)
                  FemaleAlberta (Bertie) Goynes (b. 1900)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAlfred Daniel Goynes (b. 1924)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlice Theresa Goynes (b. 1933)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnne Louise Goynes (b. 1932)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAugustus Norman Goynes (b. 1906)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAugustus (Gus) Peter Goynes (b. 1871) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAugustus Sanders Goynes (b. 1840)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCecil Raymond Goynes (b. 1918)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles A Goynes (b. 1881) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDaniel Goynes (b. 1884)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDorothy Goynes  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames (Ervin) Goynes (b. 1903)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Allan Goynes (b. 1949)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames (Jimmie) Irvin Goynes (b. 1877) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Lee Goynes (b. 1939)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLawrence Earl Goynes (b. 1925)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLee  John Goynes (b, 1891)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLoretta Mae Goynes (b. 1926)  
_GP_ Web Page                 
                  FemaleMargaret Cecilia Goynes (McKinney)(b. 1874) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Ellen Goynes (b. 1875)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Francis Goynes (b. 1935)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Bernice Goynes (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Louise Goynes (b. 1952)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Raymond Goynes (b. 1981)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNellie L Goynes (b. 1889)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNellie Bernadine Goynes (b. 1922)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNettie Goynes (b. 1889)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MalePeter Augusts Goynes (b. 1927)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MalePeter Reagan Goynes   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Mitchel Goynes (b. 1948)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel Lee Goynes (b. 1954)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSarah Bridget Goynes (b. 1873) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSteven Augusts Goynes (b. 1930)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Anthony Goynes (b. 1950)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleViola Goynes   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Goynes (b. 1828)    _GP_ Web Page
William Goynes (b. 1877)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Earl Goynes   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Leo Goynes (b. 1937)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam (Willie) W Goynes (b. 1880) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Grammer  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleKenna Lee Grammer (Ivey) (b. 1957) _GP_ * Web Page
          o  Gray  (1 Individual)
FemaleVicki Lynn Gray (Ivey) _GP_ * Web Page
o  Green (1 Individual)
                  FemaleLynn Hoehne Green (b. 1986)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Gregorcyk  (9 Individuals)
                  FemaleAlice Francis Gregorczk (b. 1947)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAlonzo Joseph Gregorczk (b. 1911)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlvina Mae Gregorczk (b. 1944)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCynthia Ann Gregorczk (b. 1959)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Raymond Gregorczk (b. 1945)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLonnie Joe Gregorczk (b. 1960)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Jane Gregorczk (b. 1949)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRichard Daniel Gregorczk (b. 1951)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam (Bill) Gregorcyk _GP_ Web Page
o  Grimes (1 individual)
                  FemalePaula Grimes (b. 1947)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Guerro (1 Individual)
                  FemaleDelfina Guerro (b. 1888)  
_GP_ Web Page
    *  H
o  Hadamek (1 Individual)
                  FemaleVera Hadamek (b. 1922)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Haley (1 Individual)
                  MaleJohn Haley (b. 1848) 
_GP_ Web Page
o  Hamilton (1 Individual)
MaleHoward Hamilton   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Hanson (1 Individual)
                  MaleBurton Odell Hanson  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Hardin (2 Individuals)
MaleCharles Hardin    _GP_ Web Page
                Female Linda Lou Hardin (b. 1958)   _GP_ Web Page
           o Harlan (1 Individual)   _GP_ Web Page
               FemaleLucille Brokebraugh Harlan  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Harris  (1 Individual)
MaleGene Harris  _GP_ Web Page                 
          o  Harrison  (2 Individuals)
                FemaleElizabeth Ann Harrison (b. 1842) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleElsie Jane Harrison    _GP_ Web Page
          o  Hart (1 Individual)
FemaleElizabeth C Hart   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Hemphill (1 Individual)
                  FemaleClara May Hemphill  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Henderson (1 individual)
                  FemaleBarbara Maxine Henderson  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Hernandez  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleFlorinda Hernandez  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Herring  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleCarolyn Herring (Orr) (b. 1979) _GP_ Web Page
o  Holdman  (15 Individuals)
                  MaleAnthony Lee Holdman (b. 1966)  
                  FemaleCatherine Lynn Holdman (b. 1968)  
                  FemaleCecilia Jody Holdman (Ayers) (b. 1953) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleChristopher (Perry) Holdman (b. 1951) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavis Holdman (b. 1935) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavis Lee Holdman (b. 1936) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEdna Marie Holdman (Glaser) (b. 1941) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHenry Arthur Holdman (b. 1939) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleJulie Sue Holdman (b. 1970)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMadeline Holdman (b. 2005)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMallory Holdman (b. 2008)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarian Susanne Holdman (Lovelady) (b. 1947) _GP_ Web Page
MaleMartin Welty Holdman (b. 1967)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMichaela Holdman (b. 2005)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Paul Holdman (b. 1970)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Holland (2 Individuals)
                 FemaleEthel Pearl Holland  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemalePearl Holland  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Hornburg  (1 Individual)
                 FemaleBetty Hornburg (b. 1930)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Houlihan  (45 Individuals)
                 FemaleAnnie Lee Houlihan (b. 1911)  
_GP_ Web Page
FemaleAva Houlihan (b. 2011)  
                 Male Charles Anthony Houlihan (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Charles Edward Houlihan (b. 1894)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Charles Leo Houlihan (b. 1922)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleCheryl Houlihan   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Clarence Scott Houlihan (b. ~1929)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleCora May Houlihan (b. 1912)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male Dale Edward Houlihan (b. 1956)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male Danny Paul Houlihan (b. 1948)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male David Patrick Houlihan (b. 1946)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleDebra Ann Houlihan (b. 1953)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Dennis Ray Houlihan (b. 1958)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male Donald Houlihan (b. 1954)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleDoris Houlihan (b, 1926)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleEmily Annette Houlihan (b. 1899)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleHannah Houlihan (b. 2002)  
             MaleIssac Houlihan (b. 2007)  
                 Male Jason Paul Houlihan   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleJennifer Lynn Houlihan  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male John Joseph Houlihan (b. 1874)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleJoyce Ann Houlihan (b. 1984)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male Loyd Edward Houlihan (b. 1957)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleLynda Marie Houlihan (b. 1952)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMabel Houlihan (b. 1905)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMaggie Houlihan (b. 2005)  
                 FemaleMargaret E Houlihan (b. 1916)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMyldred Houilhan (b, 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMyrtle Houlihan (b. 1896)   _GP_ Web Page
                 MalePatrick Houhilan (b. 1973)  
_GP_ Web Page
Male Paul Houlihan (b. 2008)  
                 FemalePaula Annette Houlihan (b. 1950)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Paul Everett Houlihan(b. 1915)  
_GP_ Web Page
Male Paul Raymond Houlihan   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Phillip Houlihan (b. 1975)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male Sean Michel Houlihan (b.1984)  
_GP_ Web Page
MaleSeth Ryan Houlihan (b. 1987)  
MaleShaw Edward Houlihan (b. 1992)  
MaleShea Patrick Houlihan (b. 1991)  
FemaleSofia Houlihan (b. 2005)  
                 MaleSon Houlihan   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleTaryn Houlihan (b. 1999)  
MaleTerrell Houlihan (b. 1993)  
FemaleTristen Houlihan (b. 1996)  
                 Male William Patrick Houlihan (b. 1918)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Howell  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleGloria Lynette Howell (b. 1963) 
_GP_ Web Page
         o  Hurd (2 Individuals)
                 MaleGeorge Washington Hurd (b. 1892)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 MaleJack Hurd (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page         
    *  I
o  Ivey  (116 Individuals)
FemaleAdrienne Marie Ivey (Schultz) (b. 1967) _GP_ * Web Page
FemaleAidan Shawn Ivey (b. 2004)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAmy Joanne Ivey (Maggiore) (b. 1964) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAna Victoria Ivey (b.2000)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleArlen Blaze Ivey (b. 1982) _GP_ Web Page
MaleArthur Harold Ivey (b. 1923) _GP_ * Web Page
                  MaleArthur Harold Ivey Jr (b. 1950) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleBailey Morgane Ivey (b. 1996) _GP_ Web Page
MaleBenjamin Lee Ivey (b. 1920) _GP_ * Web Page
                  MaleBen Lee Ivey II (b. 1948) _GP_ * Web Page
                  MaleBen Lee Ivey III (b. 1974) _GP_ Web Page
MaleBrian Emmet Ivey (b. 1956) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBrian Emmet Ivey (b. 1987) _GP_ Web Page
MaleCameron Michael Ivey (b. 1984) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCamey Lynn Ivey (b. 1981) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleCathrine Anne Ivey (b. 1954) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles "Carter" Alfred Ivey (b. 1957) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCharles Alfred Ivey (b. 1930) _GP_ Web Page
MaleCharles Ryan Ivey (b.2011)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleChelsa Ann Ivey (b. 1990) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCheri Marie Ivey (b. 1986) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCheyanne Irene Ivey (b. 1999) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleChris Eric Ivey (b. 1985)  
_GP_ Web Page
MaleChristopher Drugan Ivey (b. 1958) _GP_ Web Page
MaleColin Patrick Ivey (b. 2005) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCraig Tmothy Ivey (b. 1960) _GP_ Web Page

MaleDavid Herbert Ivey (b. 1964) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavid James Ivey (b. 1954) _GP_ Web Page               

                  FemaleDeborra Anne Ivey (b. 1958) _GP_ Web Page
MaleDennis Joseph Ivey (b. 1951) _GP_ Web Page
Male Deylan Luke Ivey (b. 2003) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDorothy Mary Ivey (Strachan) (b. 1952) _GP_ Web Page
MaleEdward Eugene Ivey (b. 1962) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleElizabeth Maria Ivey (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleErin Regina Ivey (Weich) (b. 1968) _GP_ Web Page
MaleEverrett Lee Ivey (b. 1968) _GP_ Web Page
MaleGalen Joseph Ivey (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleGary Lee Ivey (b. 1962) _GP_ Web Page
Male Gavin Frank Ivey (b. 2006)   _GP_ Web Page
Male Ian Matthew Ivey (b. 2000) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleIsabelle Regina Ivey (b. 2002) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJackson Rey Ivey (b. 2008) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Deverson Ivey (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Douglas Ivey (b. 1959) _GP_ Web Page
MaleJames Francis Ivey (b. 1965) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Louis Ivey (b. 1931) _GP_ * Web Page
MaleJason Thomas Ivey (b. 1998) _GP_ Web Page
MaleJeffery "Jeff" Neal Ivey (b. 1959) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJeffery Justin Ivey (b. 1986)
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJenna Clare Ivey (b. 1996) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJennifer Elaine Ivey (b. 1983) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJeremiah Cache Ivey (b. 1978) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleJessica Erin Ivey (b. 1991) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJessica Nicole Ivey (b. 1986) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJillian Ashley Blair Ivey (b. 1983) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJillian Rose Ivey (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
MaleJohn Patrick Ivey (b. 1921) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Patrick Ivey II (b. 1950) _GP_ Web Page
MaleJustus Alexander Ivey (b. 1996) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatelyn Shawn Ivey (b. 1960) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKevin Joseph Ivey (b. 1971) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKevin Joseph Ivey Jr  (b. 2011)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKing Benjamin Ivey (b. 1891) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKing Benjamin Ivey (b. 1955) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKing Benjamin Ivey (b. 1990) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKyle Morgan Ivey (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleLauren Danielle Ivey (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleLauren Nicole Ivey (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLaurie Marie Ivey (Sims) (b. 1947) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleLindsey Nicole Ivey (b.1986) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMacy Cheyenne Ivey (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMadeline Grace Ivey (b. 2011)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleMark Brenden Ivey (b. 1961) _GP_ Web Page
MaleMartin Jerome Ivey (b. 1963) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Elizabeth Ivey (b. 1964) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Kathleen (Kathi) Ivey (b. 1951) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Margaret Ivey (Cashion) (b. 1964) _GP_ WebPage
                  MaleMatthew Timothy Ivey (b. 1962) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMatthew Timothy Ivey (b. 1991) _GP_ Web Page
MaleMichael Morgan Ivey (b. 1953) _GP_ Web Page
              FemaleMichele Lynn Ivey (Wahnsiedler) (b. 1949) _GP_ Web Page
MaleMitchell Cole Ivey (b. 1991) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleNellie Kay Ivey (McDowell) (b. 1961) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNevada Kathleen Ivey (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
FemalePatricia Ann Ivey (Lettunich) (b. 1950) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Dolan Ivey (b. 1948) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Ryan Davis Ivey (b. 1977) _GP_ Web Page
Male Paul Bruce Ivey (b. 1982) _GP_ Web Page
Male Paul Dolan Ivey (b. 1924) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePaula Louise Ivey (Kesner) (b. 1965) _GP_ Web Page
MalePaul Stephen Ivey (b. 1956) _GP_ * Web Page
MaleReagan Lee Ivey (b. 2009)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRebecca Anne Ivey (Kelly) (b. 1958) _GP_ Web Page
MaleRichard Howard Ivey (b. 1962) _GP_ Web Page
MaleRobert Wade Ivey (b. 1976)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleRobert Wyatt Ivey (b. 2009)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRosalie Ivey (Puckett) (b. 1936) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRosalie "Sheila" Blanche Ivey (Carter) (b. 1954) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleShannon Francis Ivey (b. 1980) _GP_ Web Page
MaleShawn Dolan Ivey (b. 1948) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleShelby Lyn Ivey (b. 1992) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleSophia Anjoleanne Ivey (b. 2007) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleStephen Patrick Ivey (b. 1975) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSteven Carter Ivey (b. 1985)  
FemaleTara Maurene Ivey (b. 1981) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleTeresa Yvonne Ivey (Orr) (b. 1952) _GP_ Web Page
Male Theodore Dolan Ivey (b. 1995) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Kevin Ivey (b. 1950) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleVeronica Dawn Ivey (b. 1951) _GP_ Web Page
MaleWarren Scott Ivey (b. 1963) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWarren Scott Ivey II (b. 1988) _GP_ Web Page
MaleWilliam Eugene Ivey (b. 1926) _GP_ * Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Eugene Ivey II (b. 1953) _GP_ Web Page
MaleWyatt Bruce Ivey (2009)   _GP_ Web Page
     *  J
o  Jaime (4 Individuals)
                 MaleHipolito Roberto Jaime  
_GP_ Web Page
                 MaleJohn Patrick Jaime   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleLaura Katherine Jaime   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMary Francis Jaime   _GP_ Web Page
          o  James  (6 Individuals)
                  MaleFreeman Edgar James (b. 1937)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Francis James  (b. 1918)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Guy James (b. 1924)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Guy James Sr   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLaura A James _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleWillie Olive Marie James (b. 1920)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Jamison  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleTraci Lee Jamison (Collins) (b. 1976) _GP_ Web Page
o  Johnson  ( Individuals)
MaleThomas T Johnson   _GP_ Web Page
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Jones  (6 Individuals)
                 MaleChild Jones  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDeborah Jones (Fox)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleFlorence Mary Jones (b. 1918)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKathy Lee Jones (Ivey) (b. 1951) _GP_ * Web Page
                  MaleLeroy H Jones  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRuby Louise Jones  
_GP_ Web Page        
     *  K
o  Kelley  (4 Individuals)
                  MaleDevin Patrick Kelley (b. 1991)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLauren Rachel Kelley (b. 1985)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLillian Claire Kelley (b. 1996)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael Shawn Kelley _GP_ Web Page
o  Kellot  (1 Individual)
Male John Kellot   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Kennedy (1 Individual)
_GP_ Web Page
o  Kent (1 Individual)
                  MaleRussell Kent  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Kerner (3 Individuals)
                  Male Edward C Kerner  
                  MaleLeo Euston Kerner (b. 1924)  
                  MaleLeo Euston Kerner (b. 1945)  
          o  Kesner  (4 Individuals)
                  MaleDelcan Wayne Kesner (b. 2000) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleReagan Scott Kesner (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRussell (Scott) Scott Kesner (b. 1962) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleTara Lin Kesner (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
o  King (1 Individual)
                           FemaleMonita King   _GP_ Web Page
o  Kinsley (1 individual)
                   FemaleMary Catherine Kingsley  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Kitchins (1 Individual)
                   FemaleRoxie Kitchins (b. 1913)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Kivelin (1 Individual)
                   Female Mary Ann Kivelin  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Kosub (1 Individual)
                   MaleCurtis Kosub  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Kramer  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleCherry Kramer _GP_ Web Page         

    *  L
o  Langlinais (7 Individuals)
           MaleHenry Guilford Goodwin Langlinais (b. 1949)   _GP_ Web Page
            FemaleLorena Marie Langlinais (b. 1958)    _GP_ Web Page
                FemaleMary Michelle Langlinais (b. 1955)  _GP_ Web Page
                Male Matthew Paul Langlinais (b. 1961)    _GP_ Web Page
              FemaleRachel Ann Langlinais (b. 1960)   _GP_ Web Page
               MaleRichard Joseph Langlinais (b. 1950)    _GP_ Web Page
               MaleRichard Paul Langlinais   _GP_ Web Page
o  Lettunich  (6 Individuals)
                  MaleBrandon Lee Lettunich (b. 1977) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatelynn Marie Lettunich _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarcia Ann Lettunich (Bain) (b. 1973) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Nick Lettunich (b. 1935) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Nick  Lettunich II (b. 1975) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleZachary Clay Lettunich (b. 1989) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Levenson  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleKaren Sue Levenson _GP_ Web Page
          o  Lewis  (45 Individuals)
Male Adam Lewis  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAgnes Laura Lee Lewis (b. 1905)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlice Euphria Lewis (b. 1901)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAndrew Lewis(b.1866)    _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAngela (Angie) Cecilia Lewis (b. 1871) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnnie Mae Lewis (b. 1899)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBaby Lewis 1 (b. 1889) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleBaby Lewis II (b. 1896) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCecilla Monica Lewis (b. 1913)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Jane Lewis (b. 1860) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Ursula Lewis (b. 1908)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmily Augusta Lewis (b. 1887) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEthyl L Lewis  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFelix Ambrose Lewis (b. 1903)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleIrene Lewis (b. 1895)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Joseph Lewis (b. 1858) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames (Jimmie) Joseph Lewis  (b. 1893)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Joseph Lewis _GP_ Web Page
Male John (Crissy) Chryostom Lewis _GP_ Web Page
MaleJohn Patrick Lewis (b. 1910)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Ralph Lewis (b. 1894)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Stephen Lewis (b. 1907)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn (Johnny) Steven Lewis (b. 1861) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJosephine Lewis (Dullahan) (b. 1892) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatie Lee Lewis _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLevi Lewis _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMabel Clare Lewis (b. 1898) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Isabelle Lewis (b. 1907)  
_GP_ Web Page            
                  FemaleMargaret (Maggie) Ellen Lewis (b. 1869) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarian Ethyl Lewis (b. 1902) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarian Gettrude Lewis (b. 1905)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary (Molly) Ann Lewis (b. 1864) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary (Marguerite) Elizabeth Lewis (b. 1890) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOrion Francis Lewis (b. 1895) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Edward Lewis _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRose Mary Lewis (Chivers) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSiemon (Bill) Wise Lewis _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSimeon Lewis (b. 1898)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male Simeon (Yellow Bill) William Lewis (b. 1880) _GP_ Web Page
                  Male Simeon William Lewis (b. 1885) _GP_ Web Page
MaleThomas (Tommy) Jefferson Lewis (b. 1867) _GP_ Web Page
Wilfred Camillus Lewis (b. 1917)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Francis Lewis (b. 1912)  
_GP_ Web Page                
                  MaleWilliam Henry Lewis (b. 1859) _GP_ Web Page
o  Lindholm (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleAlice Cecilia Lindholm (b. 1927)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAudre Lindholm (b. 1918)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male Charles Lindholm (b. 1926)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male Charles Lindholm (b. 1893)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDorma Phea Lindolm (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Longpre (1 Individual)
MaleClarence Longpre   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Lopez (1 Individual)
                  Male Nicolas V Lopez (b. 1952)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Loughmiller (1 Individual)
                  FemaleJulia Loughmiller (b. 1926)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Lovelady  (3 Individuals)
                  MaleDavis Tyre Lovelady (b. 1973)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth LeAnn Lovelady (b. 1978)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam (Bill) T Lovelady _GP_ Web Page
o  Lyne  (1 Individual)
                 FemaleLillian Joyce Lyne (Dolan)(b. 1917) 
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Lyons (1 Individual)
                 MaleChip Lyons  
_GP_ Web Page
    *  M
o  Magee (1 Individual)
                  FemaleNorma Magee  
_GP_ Web Page                 
          o  Maggiore  (4 Individuals)
                  FemaleLaura Ivey Maggiore (b. 1996) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Frank Maggiore (b. 1962) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Jerome Maggiore (b. 1990) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas James Maggiore (b. 1993) _GP_ Web Page
o  Manlove (1 Individual)
                  MaleMarshall Manlove (b. 1916)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o   Mapes (15 Individuals)
                  MaleAlonzo Mapes (b. 1861) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAnnie Beatrice Mapes (b. 1869)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDora A Mapes (b. 1915)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Davis Mapes   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEveylin R Mapes (b. 1912)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleIke Pryor Mapes (b. 1888)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Harrison Mapes (b. 1893)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoel Alonzo Mapes (b.1862)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLeo Butler Mapes   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Laura Mapes (b. 1898)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMiriam Lena Mapes (b. 1886)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Sylvester Mapes (b. 1889)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePryor Mapes (b. 1919)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel Fred Mapes (b. 1891)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleWillie Alice mapes (b. 1891)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Markham (1 Individual)
                  Male Roy Markham 
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Martin  (11 Individuals)
                  FemaleAdeline Martin (b. 1915) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCecilia Elizabeth  Martin (b. 1902) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDave Martin (b. 1903) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEmmet Edward Martin (b. 1896) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFelix Francis Martin (b. 1898) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Martin (b. 1900) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLella Martin (b. 1909) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLucille Martin (Moody) (b. 1916) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMarguerite Martin (b. 1911) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleNellie Kay Martin (Walker) (b. 1906) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePat Martin _GP_ Web Page
o  Mays (1 Individual)
                 FemaleAlyssa Lynne Mays  
_GP_ Web Page
o  McCampbell (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleElizabeth Lee McCampbell (b. 1928)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMaggie McCampbell (b. 1925)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Bob McCampbell (b. 1942)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Robert McCampbell   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Ward McCampbell (b. 1926)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  McChristian  (1 Individual)
                  MaleWayne McChristian (b. 1948) _GP_ Web Page
o  McClesky (1 Individual)
                  MaleJohn McClesky  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  McCoy (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMelissa McCoy (b. 1962)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  McDowell  (4 Individuals)
                MaleCory Ray McDowell (b. 1982) _GP_ Web Page
MaleRonald Ray McDowell (b. 1959) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRoni Kay McDowell (b. 1990) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSteven Ron McDowell (b. 1984) _GP_ Web Page
o  McGinnis (6 Individuals)
                 FemaleAnn McGinnis (b. 1832)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleBridget McGinnis  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleEllen McGinnis (b. 1845)   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleJames McGinnis  _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMargaret B McGinnis  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMary McGinnis   _GP_ Web Page
          o   McGloin (3 Individuals)
                 FemaleMary McGloin (b. 1780) 
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleNellie McGloin (b. 1776)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleDarah Marian McGloin (Fox)  _GP_ Web Page
          o  McGown  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMyrtle Theresa McGown (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
          o  McKinney  (13 Individuals)
                 FemaleAnnie Belle McKinney  
_GP_ Web Page
                 MaleAubrey Tip McKinney (b. 1911)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCecilla Francis McKinney (b. 1912) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen Harriet McKinney (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleLaura Agnes McKinney (b. 1910) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLorena Reagan McKinney (b. 1904)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLuke Alexander McKinney  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMabel McKinney (b. 1900)  
_GP_ Web Page
FemaleMabel McKinney   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMac Dee McKinney (b. 1908) _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Katherine McKinney (b. 1914) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMyrtle Nell McKinney (b. 1917) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSt. Elmo (Skeets) McKinney (b. 1907)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam DeWitt McKinney _GP_ Web Page
o  McMorrow  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleElizabeth McMorrow  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleFrancis Agatha McMorrow (b. 1886)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret McMorrow (b. 1886)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Winifred McMorrow (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick McMorrow  
_GP_ Web Page            
          o  McMurray  (20 Individuals)
                  FemaleCora McMurray  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen Elizabeth McMurray(Goynes)(b. 1853)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmily McMurray (b. 1867)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis McMurray   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis J McMurray (b. 1849)    _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames McMurray (b. 1826)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Henry McMurray  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJosephine N McMurray (b. 1858)  
_GP_ Web Page                 
                  FemaleMargaret McMurray  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Francis McMurrary (b. 1843)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMartha Isabel McMurray  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ellen McMurray (O'Brein)(b. 1847)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Jane McMurray  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMollie McMurray   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRachel A McMurray (b. 1861)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRaymond McMurray (b. 1875)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 Male William McMurray (b. 1796)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleWilliam Edgar McMurray   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam John McMurray (b. 1851)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleZita McMurray  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Mendoza  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleElva Mendoza (Sims) _GP_ Web Page
o  Messer (1 Individual)
                  MaleClarence Rick Messer (b. 1951)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Miller  (3 Individuals)
FemaleMartha Ann Miller (McMurray)(b.1853)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Moody  (1 Individual)
                  MaleHarrison Moody _GP_ Web Page
o  Moore  (3 Individual)
Female  Ida Moore   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatherine J Moore (b. 1998)   _GP_ Web Page
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Moynahan (1 Individual)
              FemalePatricia Moynahan   _GP_ Web Page               
*  N
o  Nance (41 Individuals)
                  MaleAndrew S Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAndrew (Chewy) Stafford Nance (b. 1922)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleBridget Ann Nance (b. 1955)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCarolyn Monette Nance (b. 1961)  
_GP_ Web Page
FemaleColleen Theresa Nance (b. 1954)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleDana Annette Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDaniel Wayne Nance (b. 1951)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDan (Buck) Oliver Nance (b. 1914)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDonald Lee Nance   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEileen Clare Nance (b. 1957)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEllen Maureen Nance (b. 1959)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFelix Alvin Nance (b. 1911)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleGail Annette Nance (b. 1938)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleGerard Michael Nance (b. 1955)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJacqueline Sue Nance (b. 1952)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames (Jack) Lurtice Nance (b. 1915)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Patrick Nance (b. 1941)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Phillip Nance (b.1962)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoseph P Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatherine (Katie) Laura Nance (b. 1914)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatie Laura Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLana Laure Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLinda P Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLisa Ann Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLucy Margaret Nance (b. 1923)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleManly Sheppard Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarie Y Nance (b. 1947)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMarilyn Yvonne Nance (b. 1953)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Annette Nance (b. 1947)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Margaret Nance (b. 1947)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary T Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMaura Jo Nance (b. 1961)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMichael F Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNellie May Nance (b. 1918)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNora Katherine Nance (b. 1952)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRodney Wayne Nance (b. 1966)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas E Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Francis Nance (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Francis Nance (b. 1949)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Francis Nance   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Thaddeus Nance  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Nerad  (5 Individuals)
                  MaleChris Nerad (b. 1972) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJacob Christopher Nerad (b. 1996) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMegan Elizabeth Nerad (b. 2007)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel Thomas Nerad (b. 2000) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleTimothy Patrick Nerad (b. 1999) _GP_ Web Page

          o  Newton  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleHannah Newton _GP_ Web Page                

          o  Nichols (4 Individuals)
                  MaleIsaac Nichols (b. 1859)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleIsiah Nichols   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Jane Nichols(b. 1856)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Male William Nicols    _GP_ Web Page
        o  Nile (1 Individual)
                  FemaleFrancis Nile (Fox) 
_GP_ Web Page
o  Nochalds  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMargaret Louise Nochalds _GP_ Web Page         

    *  O
o  O'Brien (1Individual)
                  MaleTimothy Joseph O'Brien (b. 1845)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Odem (9 Individuals)
                  Male Brian Sylvester Odem (b. 1896)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCaroline Odem (b. 1896)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male David C Odem (b. 1886)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male David C Odem Jr   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male Hubert Edward Odem (b, 1882)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male James Francis Odem (b. 1890)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Ellen Odem (b. 1884)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Elizabeth Odem (b. 1879)   _GP_ Web Page
                  Male William Tom Odem (b. 1892)   _GP_ Web Page         
          o  O'Hara  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleCecilia Ellen O'Hara (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
o  O'Rielly  (2 Individuals)
                  MaleCharles O'Rielly _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary E O'Rielly (b. 1868) _GP_ Web Page
o  Orr  (2 Individuals)
                  MaleJohn James Orr (b. 1979) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Richard Orr _GP_ Web Page
o  Orsak (1 Individual)
              MaleLawrence Orsak   _GP_ Web Page         
    *  P        
         o  Parker (1 Individual)
                  Female Cheryl Parker

         o  Pate  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleKaren Michelle Pate (Wahnsiedler) (b. 1976) _GP_ Web Page
o  Perritt (1 Individual)
                   FemaleDinah Perritt  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Perry  (4 Individuals)
                  FemaleAnne Marie Perry (b. 2006) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEvan Cole Perry (b. 2009)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohnnie Judson Perry II (b. 1976) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohnnie Judson Perry III (b. 2004) _GP_ Web Page
o  Peter (2 individuals)
                  MaleAdolph Peter  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAdolph Peter Jr   _GP_ Web Page
o  Phillips (2 individuals)
                 FemaleFern Elizabeth Phillips  
_GP_ Web Page
                 MaleJ J Phillips   _GP_ Web Page
o  Pinkham  (1 Individual)
                 Male Leon Pinkham  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Pitman (1 Individual)
_GP_ Web Page        
          o  Powers (1 Individual)
                 FemaleMabel Powers  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Preston (3 Individuals)
                 FemaleAgnes Preston (b. 1866)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleDaughter Preston  
_GP_ Web Page               
                 MaleLewis Preston   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Pruser (3 Individuals)
                  FemaleHolly Kay Pruser (b. 1942) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJeri Ann Pruser (Eaton)(b. 1938) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOscar Colquiet Pruser 
_GP_ Web Page
         o  Pugh  (10 Individuals)
                  FemaleDora Louise Pugh (b. 1886) 
_GP_ Web Page
FemaleEmily Alice Pugh   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEugene Edward Pugh (b. 1906)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrancis Chappelle Pugh (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Bartholomew Pugh (b. 1908)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Josephine Pugh (b. 1912)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMerle Helena Pugh (b. 1917)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNorma Mary Rose Pugh (b. 1910)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRose Ann Pugh (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSamuel (Sam) Winford Pugh  
_GP_ Web Page
o Puzy (3 Individuals)
MaleDarren K Puzy   _GP_ Web Page
                   MaleRobert B Puzy  
_GP_ Web Page
FemaleSchanna Lynn Puzy   _GP_ Web Page
    *  Q
          o  Quintanilla  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMolly Quintanilla _GP_ Web Page
    *  R
o  Raburn (1 Individual)
                  MaleJohn Raburn  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Rahman (3 individuala)
                  FemaleKaylah Elizabeth Rahman (b. 2002)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLilah Kathleen Rahman (b. 2007)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSalah Rahman   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Raleigh (1 Individual)  
                  MaleGerald Raleigh  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Redus (1 Individual)
                  FemaleWendy C Redus (b. 1972)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Reeder (1 Individual)
                  MaleDr Reeder  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Reneau (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMargaret Reneau  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Resedez (1 Individual)
                  FemaleBeatrice Resedez  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Reuthinger  (1 Individual)
                  MaleGordon Reuthinger _GP_ Web Page
o  Richter (3 Individuals)
                  MaleAnthony Willette Richter (b. 1931)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJosephine Elizabeth Richter (b. 1942)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOtto Richter (b. 1902)      _GP_ Web Page
          o  Rigall  (1 Individual)
                  MaleChester Raymond  Rigall II _GP_ Web Page
o  Riley (1 Individual)
                  FemalePauline Riley  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Ritchie (2 Individuals)
                 MaleCharles C Ritchie 
_GP_ Web Page
FemaleKari Ellen Ritchie (Ivey) (b. 1980) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Ritter (1 Individual)
                 FemaleKatie Marie Ritter (b. 1887)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Rix (1 Individual)
                 FemaleMaude Lee Rix (b. 1894)
_GP_ Web Page
o Robertson (4 individuals)
FemaleMary Dolores Robertson   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleRobie Robertson   _GP_ Web Page
MaleRoy Robertson   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleRoy Robertson Jr   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Robins  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleEster Robins (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
o  Robison (5 Individuals)
                  MaleJack Robison (b. 1919)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJana Lynn Robison (b. 1950)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJohn Michael Robison (b. 1955)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLorrayne Robison (b. 1948)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMildred Robison (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Rodriguez (1 Individual)
                  FemaleCindy Ann Rodriguez  
_GP_ Web Page
           o  Ruberstein  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleSarah Frances Rubenstein  
_GP_ Web Page
           o  Ryan (2 Individuals)
FemaleMary Polly Ryan   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSue Ryan   _GP_ Web Page
    *  S
o  Saenz (1 Individual)
                 MaleAnselmo Saenz  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Salazar  (1 Individual)
                 MaleArnold Salazar  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Salinas (2 Individuals)
                 MaleElias Salinas (b. 1919)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleMary Salinas  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Sanders (1 Individual)
                  FemaleSally Lou Sanders  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Sanderson  (2 Individuals)
                  FemaleAimee Sanderson (1976) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleVictoria Ann Sanderson (Ivey) (b. 1953) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Sandoval  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleClaudia Veronica Sandoval (Ivey) (b. 1968) _GP_ Web Page
o  Sandridge (1 Individual)
                   FemalePaula Sandridge  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Santos  (4 Individual)
                  MaleDavid Lizama Santos _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMatthew David Santos (b. 2000)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRebecca Lee Santos (b. 1997)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSarah Marie Sabtos (b. 1994)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Schellhase (1 individual)
                  FemaleAugust Schallhase (b. 1881)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Schleuling (1 Individual)
                  FemaleGladys Schleuling  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Schultz  (6 Individuals)
Albert Schultz   _GP_ Web Page
              MaleJess William Schultz (b. 1969) _GP_ * Web Page
                  Male Jim Schultz  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKaleb Brenden Ivey Schultz (b. 2005) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSean Patrick Ivey Schultz (b. 2006) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleStepheny Louise Schultz (b. 1955) _GP_ Web Page
o  Schulz (1 Individual)
FemaleStephanie Schltz (Lettunich)
          o  Segar (1 Individual)
                  Male Bernard Wiliam Segar  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Sexton (13 Individuals)
                  FemaleAnnie Laura Sexton  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Sexton   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCatherine Ann Sexton (b. 1878)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmily Sexton   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJohanna Sexton (b. 1875)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Male Lawrence Sexton II   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLawrence Sexton (b. 1833)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Hennrietta Sexton (b. 1877)  
_GP_ Web Page
                 MaleMichael Sexton (b. 1882)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Emmett Sexton (b. 1877)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleRosie Sexton   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleTheresa Sexton   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Jefferson Sexton (b. 1879)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Sheeran (86 Individuals)
MaleAlbert Sheeran (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlice Ann Sheeran (b. 1887)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleAndrew J Sheeran (b. 1880)  _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAngela Maureen Sheeran (b. 1961)  
_GP_ Web Page
MaleAnthony Murray Sheeran (b. 1884)  
                  MaleArthur Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page  
FemaleBarbara Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleBernard Ambrose Sheeran (b. 1883)  _GP_ Web Page
Male Brian Douglas Sheeran (b. 1953)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleCatherine Sheeran (b. 1879)   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleCharles Sheeran (b. 1890)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleCharles Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleCora Sheeran (b. 1917)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleCourtney Nicole Sheeran (b. 1985)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleCreed Sheeran (b. ~1911)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleDave Sheeran (b. ~1942)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleDavid Sheeran (b. 1953)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleDora Sheeran (b. 1915)   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleEdgar M Sheeran (b. 1920)   _GP_ Web Page
                 Male Edgar Manning  Sheeran (b. 1892)  _GP_ Web Page
MaleEdward Sheeran (b. ~1940)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElaine Bonnie Sheeran (b. 1916)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleElizabeth Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleEllen Sheeran (b. 1888)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleElmo Ross Sheeran (b. 1916)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleElmo Ross Sheeran Jr (b. 1949)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleEmily Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmily Beth Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
MaleFrank Sheeran (b. ~1949)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleGrace Ella Sheeran (Salazar)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleHarry A Sheeran (b. ~1916)   _GP_ Web Page
Male Hugh Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page                
                  MaleJake Sheeran (b. 1956)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJake Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Sheeran (b. 1815)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Charles Sheeran (b. 1918)  _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJames Edwin  Sheeran (b. 1882)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleJames Taylor Sheeran (b. 1947)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoe Thomas Sheeran (b. 1950)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoseph Leo Edwin Sheeran (b. 1957)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoshua Elton Sheeran (b. 1973)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatherine Loraine Sheeran (b. 1946)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKathleen Teresa  Sheeran (b. 1960)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatie Francis Sheeran (b. 1976)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKevin Doyle Sheeran (b. 1960)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKevin Patrick Sheeran   (b. 1984)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKristin Ashely Sheeran (b. 1986)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLaura Edna Sheeran (Salinas)(b. 1922)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLeo Edwin Sheeran (b. 1909)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Sheeran (Fitzpatrick)(b. 1844)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMargaret Sheeran (b. 1886)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Mary Sheeran (b. 1963)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMarianne Sheeran (b. 1955)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Amelia Sheeran (b. 1893)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Amelia Sheeran (Saenz) (b. 1911)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Ann Sheeran (Nichols)(b. 1844)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Jane Sheeran (b. 1882)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Lee Sheeran (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleMary Rachel Sheeran (b. 1939)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNora Alice Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOwen Sheeran (b. 1839)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleOwen Sheeran (b. 1951)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOwen Joseph Sheeran (b. 1884)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleOwen Joseph Sheeran (b. 1877)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleOwen Thomas Sheeran (b. 1928)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePamela Ann Sheeran (b. 1957)  
_GP_ Web Page
MalePat Sheeran (b. ~1945)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePatrica Ellen Sheeran (b. 1949)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Sheeran (b. 1847)   _GP_ Web Page
MalePatrick Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Augustine  Sheeran (b. 1886)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Dennis Sheeran (b. 1930)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MalePatrick Ritter Sheeran (b. 1930)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRobert Collins Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleScott Patrick Sheeran (b. 1956)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSpencer Neil Sheeran (b. 1981)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleStephen Sheeran (b. ~1943)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSue Ann Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSummer Marie Sheeran (b. 1985)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Sheeran   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas O Sheeran (b. 1844)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas O Sheeran (b. 1889)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleThomas Owen Sheeran (b. 1913)   _GP_ Web Page
MaleThomas Owen Sheeran Jr (b. 1941)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam James Sheeran (b. 1941)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleZachary Taylor Sheeran (b. 1979)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Shipp (11 Individuals)
MaleCharles Aubrey Shipp (b. 1919)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEugenia Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJanet Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleJosephine Margaret Shipp (b. 1910)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLeona Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLucius Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleOliver Lee Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleRobert Eugene Shipp (b. 1905)   _GP_ Web Page
                 FemaleRose Mary Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleStephen Shipp   _GP_ Web Page
                MaleWalter Francis Shipp (b. 1908)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Shukitt  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleJennifer Shukitt (Ivey) (b. 1970) _GP_ Web Page
o  Simper (1 Individual)
                  FemaleRebecca Simper (b. 1971)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Sims  (7 Individuals)
                  FemaleAmy Sims (b. 1979) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleColin Sims (b. 2003) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLisa Ann Sims (Nerad) (b. 1970) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLuca Mendoza Sims _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleSean Patrick Sims (b. 1972) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Sims (b. 1974) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleThomas Reb Sims (b. 1940) _GP_ Web Page
o  Smith  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleJane Smith  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRay Smith  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRay Smith   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleTommie Margaret Smith  
_GP_ Web Page
MaleWilley Fred Smith  _GP_ Web Page
o  Slomchinski  (7 Individuals)
MaleAlfred Frank Slomchinski   _GP_ Web Page
                FemaleBernadine Slomchinski (b. 1950)   _GP_ Web Page
                MaleCharles Edward Slomchinski (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
                FemaleDolores Slomchinski (b. 1947)   _GP_ Web Page
                FemaleDorothy Ann Slomchinski (b. 1943)   _GP_ Web Page
               MaleFrank Benard Slomchinski (b. 1936)   _GP_ Web Page
               FemaleMary Louise Slomchinski (b. 1940)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Standley (1 Individual)
                   FemaleMary Standley  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Stapelton (2 Individuals)
                  FemaleLillie May Stapelton  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLucy Stapelton  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Starr  (1 Individual)
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Stelzer (2 Individuals)
                  MaleEddie Stelzer  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleEdward Egan Stelzer (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Stephenson (1 Individual)
                 FemaleWinifred Cecilia Stephenson   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Strachan  (4 Individuals)
                  FemaleAndrea Beth Strachan (b. 1985)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleGene Wayne Strachan _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoby Lee Strachan (b. 1983) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKaty Marie Strachan (b. 1981) _GP_ Web Page        

    *  T
o  Taylor  (9 Individuals)
MaleAnthony Albert Taylor (b. 1949)   _GP_ Web Page
                Female Elizabeth Taylor (b. 1952)   _GP_ Web Page
                MaleJames B Taylor Jr (b. 1933)   _GP_ Web Page
FemaleJena Ann Taylor (b. 1945)   _GP_ Web Page
                Male Joseph Taylor (b. 1954)   _GP_ Web Page
                FemaleLoma Rachal Taylor   _GP_ Web Page
                FemaleMary Sharon Taylor (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
               MaleWalter Wearden Taylor Jr   _GP_ Web Page
                MaleWalter Weardon Taylor   _GP_ Web Page
         o  Thomas (1 Individual)
                 FemaleJeanne Thomas (b. 1924)  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Tillie   (1 Individual)
_GP_ Web Page
         o  Timon  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleLaura Barry Timon (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
o  Toomy (6 Individuals)
                  FemaleAlice Toomey  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoseph Kevin Toomey   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJoseph Wallace Toomey   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKaren Jane Toomey   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Nell Toomey   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWalter Nell Toomey (b. 1871)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Torney  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleMary Helen Torney (Dolan) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Toro  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleDilcia Roxana Toro (Wahnsiedler) (b. 1975) _GP_ Web Page
o  Trimble  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleSara Ellen Trimble (Ivey) (b. 1979) _GP_ Web Page
o  Tullis  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleBuelah Meae Tullis (b. 1903)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Tullos (1 Individual)
                  MaleJohn Franklin Tullos  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Tyler (1 Individual)
                  FemaleLois Gail Tyler  
_GP_ Web Page
    *  U
o  Unknown ( 11 Individuals)
FemaleBelinda Unknown
                  FemaleCarmen Unknown   
FemaleElena Unknown  
FemaleErin Unknown  
FemaleKelly Unknown (b. 1982)
FemaleMarie Unknown  
FemaleMarleen Unknown  
                  FemaleMary Unknown  
                  FemaleWife Unknown (Fox)
FemaleWife Unknown (Fox)
                  FemaleWife Unknown (Sheeran)
          o  Ussery (4 Individuals)
                  MaleMatt Ussery Sr  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleMatt Ussery Jr   _GP_ Web Page
MaleMatt Ussery Jr   GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMay Ussery (b. 1876)   _GP_ Web Page
    *  V
o  Valdez (1 Individual)
                  FemaleImelda Valdez  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Vallean (1 Individual)
                  FemaleAdell Vallean (b. 1857)  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Vanderneydt (1 Individual)
                  Janette Ellen Vanderneydt (Dolan)  
_GP_ Web Page        
    *  W
          o  Wahnsiedler  (7 Individuals)
                  MaleBenjamin Allen Wahnsiedler (b. 2009)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEmily Michelle Wahnsiedler (b. 2002) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleKatherine (Kate) Danielle Wahnsiedler (b. 2004) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleKeith Allen Wahnsiedler (b. 1980) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleLarwrence Joseph  Wahnsiedler (b. 1948) _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleRyan Joel Wahnsiedler (b. 1974) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSara Marie Wahnsiedler (Perry) (b. 1976) _GP_ Web Page
          o  Walker  (1 Individual)
                  MaleCurtiss Walker _GP_ Web Page              

          o  Wall  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleTeri Lynn Wall (Ivey) (b. 1960) _GP_ Web Page
o  Warren  (1 Individual)
                 MaleDuke Warren  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Watson (1 Individual)
                 FemaleBeatrice Watson  
_GP_ Web Page
          o  Weaver  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleBetty Louise Weaver (Ivey) _GP_ Web Page
o  Weich  (3 Individual)
                  FemaleAmy Marie Weich (b. 1968)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  Male James William Weich (b. 2005)   _GP_ Web Page
                 MaleRonald Lee Weich _GP_ Web Page
          o  Weldon  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleBrandy Weldon _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleCody Weldon _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleCristine Weldon _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleJosh Weldon _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleLatricia S Weldon (Ivey) _GP_ Web Page
o  Welty  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleRita  Anette Welty (Holdman) _GP_ Web Page
o  West (2 Individuals)
                  FemaleAvis West (Fox) 
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSarah West  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Westrop (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleFrancis Westrop  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFred Westrop Sr   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFred Westrop Jr   _GP_ Web Page
                  Female Margaret Westrop   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMildred Westrop   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Whately  (5 Individuals)
                  FemaleAdrian Anne Whatley (Erb)(b. 1981)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAlyssa Marie Whatley (Martinez) (b. 1984)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleAmanda Lee Whatley (b. 1986)_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleAustin Michael Bryan Whatley (b. 1989)   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleDavid Whatley _GP_ Web Page_GP_ Web Page
o  Whetsel  (1 Individual)
                  FemaleJennifer Ann Whetsel (McDowell) (b. 1981) _GP_ Web Page
o  Wilder  (4 Individuals)
                  FemaleCarol Wilder (b. 1955)  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleHenry Morill Wilder (Judge)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNancy Ann Wilder (b. 1946)   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleSusan Wilder (b. 1951)   _GP_ Web Page
          o  Williams  (5 Individuals)
FemaleBeth Williams _GP_ Web Page
FemaleCarolyn Williams (Holdman) _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleEdna Williams  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleNancy Williams   _GP_ Web Page
                  MaleWilliam Raymond Williams (b. 1943)   _GP_ Web Page
o  Wilson (1 Individual)
                  MaleMilton Willie Wilson  
_GP_ Web Page
o  Wimmer (5 Individuals)
                  MaleEdward O Wimmer  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleErnest Wimmer   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMary Wimmer   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMilie Wimmer   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMillie Wimmer   _GP_ Web Page
o   Windham (1 Individual)
                  FemaleSue Windham  
_GP_ Web Page
           o  Winn (1 Individual)
                  MaleLarry Winn 
_GP_ Web Page
o  Wooldridge (4 Individuals)
                  MaleCollier Wooldridge  
_GP_ Web Page
                  MaleFrances Wooldridge   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleMargaret Wooldridge   _GP_ Web Page
                  FemalePatricia Woodridge (b. 1936)   _GP_ Web Page
o Wright (2 Individuals)
                  MaleBrag Wright  
_GP_ Web Page
                  FemaleFrancis Wright   _GP_ Web Page
           o  Wylie (1 Individual)
                 FemaleEloise Wylie  
_GP_ Web Page
    *  Y
o Yawn (1 Individual)
                 FemaleClovis Yawn  
_GP_ Web Page
           o  Yoder (1 Individual)
                 MaleWilliam Clark Yoder 
_GP_ Web Page
    *  Z
           o  Zeba  (1 Individual)
                  MaleCharles Zeba _GP_ Web Page